At the Langemeersstraat 15, in Kortrijk Belgium, artist Henk Delabie unveiled four new art integrations for the Youth and Children Pychiatric center. 





YVAN DERWEDUWE AT MDD - Blootgewoon Nocturne 25.11.2022 

Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens is proud to unveil a new site-specific and long-term installation from Flemish artist Yvan Derwéduwé (°1972 ) for its gender-neutral toilets. Through a play of reflections and gazes, Derwéduwé's Mirror Mirror tests unspoken codes of conduct in restrooms, transforming them into a social space where the lines between private and public, contemplation and interaction, are positively stretched.

Reservation required: Museum Dhondt - Dhaenens