Through her artwork, Polly Pollet ( 1993 ) evokes a personal view of reality that confronts us with ourselves in relation to the Other. The world is her canvas, and the BIC-pen is her principal technique.
As a storyteller, she explores the human condition by aesthetically dissecting topics such as sexuality and intimacy, individuality and identity, privacy, taboo, and connectivity. With the mind of a researcher, she critically analyzes the societal phenomena that emerge from our contemporary hyper-digitalized era.
She often encounters paradoxes and ambiguity within seemingly clear evidence. 
With social media as a parallel virtual universe, she transforms herself into a mediator, connecting people through her drawings.

Her sketchbook is her closest friend along the way. Besides a BIC-pen, Pollet also uses ecoline, oil, and acrylic paint to give her images more agility and dynamism. The medium more or less chooses her. Sometimes she adds an extra color or lets images guide her, resulting in a mixed media work or collage.

As a world citizen, she embraces the infinite possibilities that come her way, subtly expressing social criticism through her artworks. The result is an already impressive body of work best described as positively provocative, challenging the audience in a bold and playful way to think about today’s complex and often uncomfortable issues.

As a viewer, you are often left with yourself.